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    We've had the pleasure of working with some great folks.

    If you're interested in Bitcoin checkout BitAngels!


    Supporting Community

    The Blocklead team supports and runs operations for the BitAngels global network. Visit http://bitangels.network to learn more.


    Making legal Efficient

    Legal.io - provides referrals, jobs, and resources for the modern lawyer. Blocklead provides hands on advisory, and provided early support.


    Creating Distributed Systems

    Aleph Zero is a peer-reviewed DAG platform that’s scalable, fast, and developer-friendly. Blocklead provided hands on advisory, and continues business development advisory.

    Slice Capital

    Democratize Fundraising

    Slice Capital (restructuring) makes it simple to invest as little as $100 in companies in their early stages. Blocklead provided early support and continues to advise for the long-term success.